Timo Keurentjes

A software developer who's eager to learn and help

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I started learning to code in 2013. Apart from learning to code, I learned that I enjoy helping others find a solution to their problems.

I first started actively doing this as a forum moderator for Anchor CMS. I continued helping others in chat rooms and ended up finding an open source project to contribute to.

I've been a Core Team member at freeCodeCamp since October 2016.

I'm currently a software developer at LeanForms.


Screenshot of the freeCodeCamp Guide

freeCodeCamp Guide

The freeCodeCamp Guide is a reference for all things related to programming, oriented at beginners.

As one of the main contributors to this project, I work on the React-based platform and help make contributing content as easy as possible.

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Screenshot of the Dummi


Dummi generates randomised data to help designers create designs that can handle real data that has names longer than "John Doe."

I built this tool with Aaron Benjamin (designer at Amazon) and Marc Mueller (developer from Berlin) in August 2016.

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